Stimmungsbild Company philosophy

Company philosophy

In its business activity, Parmaco follows a philosophy that greatly values partnership with the customer and the active supply of added value. When one lives in a high-wage country like Switzerland, but still wants to be successful on the worldwide market, then one should not act on the lowest price. One is better off by instead having additional advantages and services, which, from the customer’s perspective, more than compensate for the price difference. Parmaco captivates through Innovation and creation of added value.

In addition it is also important to maintain a longstanding partnership with the customer and thus prove oneself as an always reliable and cooperative partner.

The cooperative collaboration is especially important in the development of new products. Parmaco makes sure that the joint engineering begins as soon as possible in the planning phase of the project, in order to allow ist customers to properly take advantage of the possibilities offered by the MIM process and the Engineering skills Parmaco team. Behind this concept is the awareness of the fact that often after the first 20% of the development process already about 80% of the production costs are fixed. For this reason we support our customers and their designers in all the development steps from the design and the material selection up to the assurance of the process capability. In this collaboration we also engage in markets operated by the customer and the requirements in them, thus finding together the best possible solution.

The partnership also includes all the other stages of collaboration like first contact through the sales representatives, production, delivery processing, quick reaction to mishaps and emergencies, etc. this also includes finding shortcuts, uncomplicated processes, direct and personal contact with the respective contact persons as well as frequent visits to our sales representatives and factory representative at the customer’s place.