Stimmungsbild Process monitoring

Medical Technology

25. - 26. 09. 2024


11. - 14. 11. 2024
Düsseldorf Germany, Stand-Nr.: 1-832

Process monitoring

Thanks to systematic documentation and therefore traceability of production sequences regarding separate lots, Parmaco can guarantee narrow tolerances throughout the years. In every single handling and processing step, quality assurance software and sample tests see to it that production processes are completely under control.

In this aspect, we count on the modern quality assurance program “Q-DAS”. “Q-DAS” is a data collection and assessment software which documents each sub-process, both dimensionally and attributively. Analysis of various lots can be made. Thus, due to the comparative values, deviations can be determined in good time, leading to improvement measures. The program primarily monitors dimensions, weight, and surface roughness, as well as optical characteristics. Sample tests are taken according to the AQL requirements (AQL=Acceptable Quality Level), and if necessary 100% controls.